PEO Overview

As a PEO, we hire your employees and become their employer of record.

This relationship is known as co-employment.

Co-employment is a three-way relationship between You as the client, HR Plus as the PEO, and our now shared employees.

Through this co-employment relationship we can provide an array of integrated services that allow you to cost-effectively outsource the management of; human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation and other strategic services, such as recruiting, risk/safety management, and training/development.

HR Plus as the PEO takes over the responsibility for your HR administration and compliance needs but your employees still report directly to you, they’re 100% your work force, we just take care of the behind the scenes issues. With us taking care of the administration side of things, you’ll have more time to run your business, increase efficiencies, and become more profitable.

How Co-Employment Works